This eBook will cover:


1)How you build your community with social media

2) How to engage and grow followers

3 How you find insights from your niche competitors

4) How to build your Authority

5) How to plan your Pre- Launch

6) Launching your product

7) How to up sell your product after Launch

This eBook will cover:


1) What is an eBook?

2) How to set your Mindset when writing your eBook

3) How to find the right topic for your eBook

4) How to Validate your topic

5) How to outline and format your ebook

6)Tools you need to create your ebook

7) How to market your ebook


How to continue growing your audience in your niche that will turn to clients

This eBook will cover


1) Profile Picture and apps to use

2) Username/ Keyword

3) The promise / Building Authority

4) Your Call to Action

5) Your Contact

6) Highlights

This eBook will cover


1) Finding your Ideal Audience

2) How you engage with your Community

3) How you Optimize your Bio

4) Strategies to write Captive Content and Captions

5) How to Audit your Hashtags

6) How you can create your authority to your new page

7) How to look for Insights for your contents 

and many more